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    Safety First

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Anti slip treatment

Nowadays, tiles and stones are used almost everywhere:

in entrance halls and stairwells
in saunas, steam baths and other wet areas
in course of treatment pools, in and out door swimming pools and garages
in hotels, restaurants and canteens
in schools and churches
in hospitals
in kitchens

as well as within the own four walls.

Of course this is understandable as they are not only optically appealing but also very easy to care for.
But one problem remains:
the danger of slipping!
We have solved the problem for you!

AntiSlide is a chemical treatment that makes your floor - both in dry and in wet condition - absolutely non slip.

AntiSlide effects a reaction with quartz and silicates of the floor. This reaction causes the formation of small invisible pores, which guarantee the safety.

AntiSlide leaves the optical effect of the floor almost unchanged.

AntiSlide effects that there are no remains – as a result the floor can be used immediately after treatment.

According to expert’s reports and test certificates, we achieve the assessment groups R9-R13 as well as in the bare footed area A, B, C on the basis of the AntiSlide treatment.

By the execution of our specialist shop, AntiSlide grants a warranty of 5 years on the maintenance of the slip blocking effect.