Anti slip coating

What is “STOP it”?

“STOP it” has been especially developed for the coating of small areas. With the help of “STOP it” you can find a remedy by yourself in the bath room, in the bath and shower, in the sauna area, in the wash house, on the stairs, at the pool, on the terrace, in the kitchen – just all over where is the danger of slipping .

“STOP it” adheres on almost all subsoil like wood, PVC, granite, marble, glass, steel, stone, synthetic material, metal, enamel, acrylic etc. This “do it yourself”- product can be used in internal areas as well as in external undeveloped land. We recommend you to provide external areas with our adhesive primer before coating.

The application can be carried out by everyone as there is no special knowledge required.

The coating is transparent and shiny; structure and grain of the area maintain.

“STOP it” has a water-repellent effect. “STOP it” is absolutely solvent-free and is based on water. The coating is sufficient for about 2 square metres, is applied completely within 5 minutes and the coated area is completely useable after maximum 12 hours.