Anti slip coating (2)

What is “STOP it 2”?

“Stop it 2” is a non slip and durable floor coating.

With “STOP it 2” we have created a non slip coating for the most versatile floor coverings like linoleum, PVC, synthetic material floors and tiles and many more. “STOP it 2” adheres on almost all areas.

Application areas for “STOP it 2” can be found for instance in old people’s homes, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, swimming pools, supermarkets and many more areas.

The “STOP it 2” coating is transparent and shiny; as a result the optic of the coated floors maintains.

On request, “STOP it 2” can be coloured by us (RAL colour list) for the application on larger areas. Therefore, we are able to make all walk-in areas non slip or to coat them as well.
Of course, you can purchase our products in our shop and use them by yourself with the support of our instructions.

“STOP it 2” is an Epoxy varnish which consists of two components. It is aqueous, the mixture ratio is 100:300, and the minimum purchasing quantity is 13 kg mixable material and our special structure